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Hollywood, Bikini & Brazilian Hair Removal

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One of our most popular laser hair removal treatments is for the area ‘down there’ and when it comes to seeing clients they are often not sure of the difference of which style they desire? Our senior consultant has explained the differences in style below for you.

Hollywood Hair Removal

A Hollywood hair removal treatment is where all of the pubic hair is removed from the whole intimate area. A common question is if it includes the labia, perianal, and anus. We can add on these areas if desired!

One client mentioned “I feel cleaner knowing there is little regrowth of hair in that area. Especially as working out and exercise is a big part of my lifestyle” 

Bikini Hair Removal

The name gives it away. The Standard Bikini hair removal treatment is where all the pubic hair is removed from the outside of the underwear line. When you wear a bikini you will not be able to see any hair outside of the lines on the upper and inner thighs. It’s a great way of starting your treatments for the pubic area as you can get a feel for it and decide if you want to opt for more hair removal in that area.

“I prefer to maintain the area and just have the outside areas clean especially as this is the main area on show during holidays and photoshoots”

Brazilian Hair Removal

The Brazilian hair removal treatment is where all pubic hair is removed but a ‘landing strip’ line or triangle patch of hair is not removed from the naval to the labia is left.

“I prefer this over the Hollywood as it doesn’t make me feel completely naked down there and I can remove that if I desire with shaving or waxing. I’ve heard it can also increase sexual pleasure.”

Whichever bikini hair removal style you decide to go for our practitioners can help to make your treatment personalised and comfortable as possible.