Hollywood Wax

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Hollywood Wax

The Hollywood has become more and more popular as the years have gone by and it is a very common thing to have yourself booked in for a regular Hollywood wax every month or 6 weeks.

The main thing that most people don’t take into account is just how much money you are going to spend on the Hollywood wax over the years. An average Hollywood wax costs let’s say £30 and let’s say that you go once a month. This means that in one year you will spend £360 we can say with somewhat certainty that you could easily continue this for the next let’s say 20 years…that adds up to £7200!! And who is to say in 20 years after having gotten used to being hair free that you are even going to want to let it all grow back! You and your future husband may have gotten used to it like that so maybe you will do another 10 years…adding up to £10800. Would you really think you would spend £10,000 on Hollywood waxing!?

Assuming that spending that much money on your privates makes you feel like you must find a better way…well let me tell it to you. Laser hair removal can absolutely do a Hollywood. It gives you the same end result of being completely smooth and hair free but the real plus that puts laser hair removal way ahead of the game is that it is permanent. You need a treatment every 6 weeks for about 10 treatments. One treatments costs on average £130, now of course that it is a big jump from the £30 of the wax BUT if you only ever need 10 treatments your whole life that is going to cost £1,300! That saves you about £9,000!!!! Laser hair removal really is permanent so once you have your course of treatments you will be done.

No more needs to be said – get yourself into a Hollywood laser treatment session.