Some Home Tips for Problem Skin:


• For Acne-prone skin, use a Manuka Honey mask to cleanse your skin once per week. Apply to clean skin and rest easy for 15 minutes then rinse in warm water. Honey has antibacterial properties and is a great source of antioxidants.

• For the Acne sufferer who cannot resist picking at spots, before bed, cleanse your skin and apply a dab of honey onto the raw spot, cover with a plaster and go to bed. Honey will help keep bacteria out and speed the healing process.

• For a breakout that you can resist picking at, use a tiny drop of Oregano Oil on the actual spot to speed healing and prevent scarring. Wash your hands afterwards.

• For dry skin, cleanse at night and moisturize with Emu Oil or Organic Coconut Oil.

• For dry, flaky skin, add a tablespoon of honey to two litres of water and rinse the area in this liquid. Honey attracts moisture, and helps lock it in.

• Dry, flaky skin also responds favorably to a honey and raw egg mask. Simply beat them together, apply to the skin and rinse off after 15-20 minutes.

A Couple of Home Tips for those with normal skin that needs a little lift:

1. While your face is wet, take a handful of demerara unrefined sugar, and very gently rub all over, using small circular motions with your finger-tips only. Rinse with fresh warm water, pat dry and apply moisturizer. This simple trick can give you a real radiance upgrade!

2. Seperate the yolk from the white of an Organic Free Range Egg. Beat the egg white until stiff peaks form (as you would to prepare a meringue). Apply it to a cleansed face and relax for 15-20 minutes. The egg white will dry out and you will feel the skin pulling. Gently remove the egg white with a damp face cloth and pat dry. Your skin will feel firmer and will radiate more.

As a practitioner in the field of health, I always encourage people to avoid surgery to change their appearance, because the drugs necessary are fairly harmful and can have far-reaching effects, not to mention the catastrophe that can occur if the surgeon is having a bad day!. There are so many non-surgical options available today, using state of the art technology, which, in the hands of an experienced therapist can produce subtle yet dramatic improvements in facial appearance, it is a route well worth travelling before considering going under the knife.