How to Avoid Removal Scars

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When contemplating getting your tattoo removed one of the main worries can be what removal scars will be left over. Will the removal scars even be an improvement on the tattoo you want to be removed?

Well the key to answering this question depends first and foremost upon which removal method you plan on using. There are pros and cons to every method but here we will just talk about removal scars.

The worst tattoo removal method for leaving removal scars is surgical tattoo removal. You will be left with a surgical scar. How bad depends on the skill of your surgeon, the size and the location of the tattoo. Another factor which you won’t necessarily be aware of is how deep the ink has penetrated into your skin. The deeper it is the deeper the surgeon will have to go. Simply your tattoo is cut out and your skin is re-sown. So the larger your tattoo the larger the scar you will be left with.

Dermabrasion is essentially scrubbing the tattoo off your skin. Of course the ink is permanently attached to your skin and so to scrub off the tattoo requires scrubbing skin away. Therefore scaring is very likely. Again the size, location and depth of the tattoo is a big factor.

Tattoo removal creams will not leave a scar generally. Unfortunately though, scar removal creams do vary a lot and there have been instances of acid contained in creams causing removal scars. In general though creams should be safe though not necessarily the most effective.

Laser tattoo removal is the last main method and the best in terms of not leaving removal scars. Laser tattoo removal works by firing pulses of laser light into the ink which causes it to be broken up into small particles. These particles then get re-absorbed into the blood stream and excreted from the body. This means that no scarring is caused at all.

I hope that helps answer any questions you may have regarding the best tattoo removal method for avoiding removal scars.