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How To Avoid Skin Pigmentation


A huge number of people suffer from skin pigmentation problems at any point in life. Different reasons can be held responsible for the discolouration of the skin. It is challenging to maintain a consistent skin pigment throughout life. 

What Causes Skin Pigmentation?

Freckles and age spots are common ageing problems one might experience. Mainly these kinds of issues, including melasma, occur from uncontrolled sun exposure and weak skin. The damaging rays of the sun can be vulnerable to our dermis. Overexposure to the sun can produce more melanin which can cause dark spots. With ageing, melanin production decreases, and sun exposure can cause harm to the skin, thereby leading to uneven skin colour.

Dark elbows, knees, or underarms are some common problems people face every other day. Mostly these areas suffer skin hyperpigmentation, and friction of clothes makes the spots susceptible. It gradually affects the dermis layers, which leads to an uneven skin tone.

Follow a few tips to avoid skin pigmentation:

  • Avoid tight clothes: Tight dresses might involve friction with the damaged skin, leading to darker skin colour in the affected area, so try using loosened clothes. Use perfect-sized undergarments as this will help you in having less constriction with the skin.
  • Stop scratching the dermis as it can slowly damage the top layer of your skin. Even if the skin is itchy, try to avoid the sensation as it might get worse. To help with cooling the area, you can use moisturizers or any other lotion. 
  • Moisture is necessary for the skin, so try to apply a good and light moisturizer often. If the skin is dry, then the dermis can get easily affected by outer frictions.
  • To stay hydrated, drink enough water. Try to include protein, minerals, and vitamins in the daily food list so that the skin becomes glowing naturally.

Skin Pigmentation Treatments:

Suppose you have already suffered from skin pigmentation, and you’re left with dark patches. In that case, there is no way left other than going to a skin consultant who can suggest picosure laser therapy or prescription products depending upon the gravity of the situation. One thing is for sure that you need immediate medical advice as soon as you notice skin discolouration.

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