Male and Female Front Profile Defined Jawline

How To Define The Jawline

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Our non-surgical face treatments have been an ever-growing popular area for us over the last year. The feedback from clients on this is usually down to see themselves in their phone reflection and social media leading us to have photos taken for everyone to see. With a rise in at home treatments and facial exercises, these methods can often leave us with ineffective results the jawline.

Our in-house doctor explains in the video below how our range of treatments work and how we can help you start your jawline journey. For extra definition in the jawline area, we recommend the most popular Juvéderm treatment, Dermal Filler with quick and effective results.

Dermal Filler Treatment

The injectable hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers are performed by our in-house doctor and are a great combination with our treatments above or alone. The dermal filler treatments improve facial harmony and your concerns can be discussed with our doctor. This is a quick and convenient treatment for many clients.

Immediate results lasts 12 months +
Minimal downtime
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