How to get rid of hairy armpits

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How to get rid of hairy armpits

I think every woman has that area of her body where unwanted hair really becomes a problem! It seems to be different for everyone but for some and me included the dreaded underarm hair has always been the worst.

When I was younger shaving it off every so often seemed to be a good enough solution but after years of shaving I started to notice the patch of hair getting steadily bigger. Each time I checked the hair would start slightly higher ad get slightly lower. I kept an eye on this but after months I realised it really was the case! Now I know this won’t have only been experienced by me.

So what solutions are there? You can just shave less but that is a horribly uncomfortable feeling, no wearing T-shirts and strappy tops or dresses. Or worse forgetting you are shaving less and then wearing them and having a horribly awkward day trying to keep your arms down.

There are different solutions such as waxing or even plucking them out but none of them are permanent. If you have gone through months or even years with this problem in your pits then standing there struggling to pluck out each hair may not sound like the best idea.

When looking for permanent hair removal methods Laser hair removal is by far the top option. With only a few treatments (6-10) you can be hair free for good. You do have to shave the area before the appointment but as it is directly lasered off the hair is gone right from the root. This means that it is possible to see results right from the first treatment. As you go through the course of treatments the hair will grow back slower and finer until eventually there is none! Now for me this is really the only way out of this armpit trap…what do you think?

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