Reduce skin allergies with Aloe Vera



A Universal Remedy, Aloe Vera can be used to treat any skin condition, and it does wonders for your hair. Here’s how to use it:

Inflamed skin / Acne:

Once clean, apply Aloe Vera Gel to your skin and allow it to absorb; it will cool and sooth inflammation.

Stretch Marks:

Apply Aloe Vera Gel liberally and frequently; it has remarkable rejuvenating properties.

Dry Skin:

Use Aloe Vera as your main moisturiser; it lubricates and strengthens skin.

Razor burn:

Use Aloe Vera to heal razor burn, and it can be used as a shaving gel thereafter to prevent shaving related inflammation.

Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis:

Use Aloe Vera Gel on the affected area, apply at night before bed to allow it to penetrate deep into the skin tissue.

Skin Allergies:

Aloe Vera exerts anti-inflammatory actions, which help relieve the swelling associated with allergic reactions. If you drink Aloe Vera juice regularly, it can help boost your immune system which is at the root cause of allergic reactions.


Aloe Vera Gel can be used as a hair conditioner (wash hair, towel dry and massage aloe vera gel from root to tip of hair, leave for 4 minutes and rinse thoroughly). You can also add a little gel to your regular shampoo which helps give it a beautiful shine. Using Aloe Vera for your hair boosts growth and strength.

Skin infections and Sunburn:

Aloe Vera has potent antiseptic properties that help speed the healing process while protecting damaged skin from invading bacteria.

Dry, Brittle Nails:

Gently rub Aloe Vera Gel into your nails at night before bed. Use circular motions and ensure to get it into the surrounding skin of the nail.


Use Aloe Vera Juice as a mouth rinse, spit it out and then apply some Aloe Vera Gel to the gums. It provides anti-inflammatory compounds to reduce swelling and many healing nutrients.

Aloe Vera truly is the Universal Healer, drinking Aloe Vera juice can help reduce menstrual cramps, fight colds and flu, and due to it’s vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, it can even help rebalance and heal your gut!