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How To Remove Leg Hairs Permanently

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With summer approaching, you may find ways to remove unwanted leg hairs so you can wear the outfit of your choice due to personal preferences. Although there are no permanent methods to remove body hair, you can find other methods that are more effective for results and your skin compared to older methods like shaving and waxing.

Everyone has a hair growth cycle that determines how often your hair will grow back; this usually happens over 4-8 weeks and can vary depending on several factors from the area, medications, hormones, and even diet, among other various factors.

When considering hair removal, it is essential to factor in which area you are interested in removing the hair and how it will impact your skin and further hair growth. In particular, this is a popular area for people to remove hair during summertime for leg hair removal. Here is a breakdown of how laser hair removal would work for the legs:

Before and after your laser hair removal treatments, it is essential to follow the aftercare provided by your practitioner to ensure you have the most effective treatment results. If you have sun exposure or fake tan, this can delay your treatment progress, so you can take steps to ensure you are not delayed. Another tip to keep your skin in top condition and to eliminate hairs from the follicles is exfoliation; this will help any dead hairs that are stuck in the follicle, and also it is great to prevent any ingrown hairs down the line, which laser hair removal can help alongside.

The first step to take is to book a consultation with a senior practitioner so they can go through all of your questions. At this point, it is best if you don’t shave the areas so the practitioner can see what the leg hairs look like. If they are treatable, they will assess your medication history, hair density, colour, and skin type to determine if you will be suitable. After this, they will carry out a patch test to check the settings and that you don’t react to the laser. You can then start your course of treatments 48 hours after the patch test. After your course of treatments, you should see up to 80% permanent hair reduction.