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How To Treat Excess Chin Skin

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This year has not been easy for anyone but here at Pulse Light Clinic we found an opportunity to start virtual consultations over the March lockdown. This year we have seen a rise in virtual video and audio consultations, sometimes clients prefer not to video call as they are concerned about their appearance or issue they would like help with! Especially due to the fact so many of us are now working from home using video calls for meetings and seeing their reflections constantly.

Senior Consultant, Lucy Dawe expects the demand for a stronger jawline and reduction of the double chin will continue and gives her top non-surgical treatments for anti-ageing, skin laxity, face lifting and excess chin skin!

HIFU Treatment

High-intensity focused ultrasound is a non-invasive treatment which tightens, lifts, contours and rejuvenates the skin. The treatment area is marked out and the device is applied to the marked areas in a consistent pattern taking a total of 1 hour for the full face and neck. 

Results optimal at 12 weeks
Minimal downtime
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Profound RF Treatment

Profound RF is doctor led treatment which combines radio frequency and ultra fine needles. During the treatment, the fine needles are inserted and RF energy is used to heat the area, this is repeated throughout the full area for 90 minutes.

Results optimal from 12 weeks
Downtime swelling, redness and bruising up to 7 days
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