Tattoo Removed on Tribal man's arm

I hated my Tattoo’s


‘I hated my tattoos so much that I made excuses not to go to the beach in summer with friends because the idea of being topless and people staring (they always stared, which I can’t blame them!) made me cringe at my younger self.
I wanted to get rid of them for so long but just kept putting it off again and again until my girlfriend (now wife) grew tired of me making excuses and booked me in for a consultation at Pulse Light Clinic.
I went along and had a small patch done on my chest and signed up for 6 tattoo removal treatments. I then went along and met Cherrie and got on like a house on fire but also, she seriously knows her stuff and is genuinely passionate about getting results – if it hurts, she likes that too I can assure you!
A while ago (and a while into my treatment) I felt like it was going nowhere and I’d never truly get rid of them but thanks to Cherrie’s perseverance I’m just about finished!
I am indebted to Pulselight and owe a massive slice of gratitude to Cherrie: when  I’m in the Philippines this Christmas with my wife (God blessing) I’ll be able to get a proper tan for the first time in a decade’.
Mark had 2 tattoo’s removed with us. The tribal tattoo, ( image at the top) and the God is a DJ tattoo, if you watch the below video you will be able to see the tattoo removal journey.