Is it OK to pull hair out after laser hair?

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It would be best to not pull out hairs following a laser hair removal treatment.

The reason is that laser hair removal targets hair follicles to remove hair from the body permanently. Therefore, the follicle has to be visible in the body area.

All the classic methods, such as threading, waxing, or epilating, remove the hair follicle’s root. This impacts the treatment as the laser removal won’t be successful if there isn’t any hair to target.

The only acceptable method is shaving the body area to be treated 24h before the appointment.

Why shouldn’t pulling hair following treatments

Following our laser hair removal London, treatments picking up hairs and pulling them out it’s disrupting the cycle of hair growth.

Removing hairs before they die itself will stimulate and appear again. This is because of our body mechanism; once the hairs are pulled, then our body, to support regrowth, will supply blood to the root. 

Laser hair removal targets the opposite results. The laser aims at the roots of the hair follicles to make them thinner, and to achieve that has to reduce the blood supply and finally will disappear permanently.

Using tweezers would cancel the laser hair treatment and will also be less effective for future treatments as the hair growth has been disrupted again.

What is suggested is to be patient with the treated area, and the hairs after a few weeks will fall alone. For best results, this is recommended as hairs should do their growth cycle and shed because the follicle has been destroyed, and there will be no regrowth.

Apart from the before mentioned problems pulling hair with any method following a laser hair removal treatment could lead to skin irritation or the appearance of unwanted bumps.