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Januhairy with Lala Love

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Januhairy aims to promote body positivity and acceptance of body hair on women. Encouraging women to ditch the razor, laser, tweezers and wax to grow out body hair for the month.

“There are so many societal pressures on women on how to look and how to be perfect, and shaving is a big part of that,” Jackson says. “[Januhairy] is so liberating because it really gets you thinking about the way you treat your body, why you do it and who you do it for.”

While Januhairy might be seeing the return of the full bush, the demand for laser hair removal is still increasing. Laser hair removal doesn’t only promote the smooth, hairless results.

Laser hair removal also assists those that are suffering from excessive hair growth from PCOS condition, ingrown hairs from other hair removal methods and overall irritation and pigmentation to the skin.

At Pulse Light Clinic we empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin – hairy or not. Valentines Day is around the corners if you prefer to be silky smooth you can opt for laser hair removal to prevent those pesky ingrown hairs and shaving rashes.

We interviewed Lala Love, one of our clients and TV host of Naked Beach on Channel 4 on her views about Januhairy and body hair.

Have you been taking part in Januhairy?

Yes, I am filming a documentary for the BBC about my journey with my body hair.
However, I am not someone who is obsessed with shaving or having smooth skin, so throughout the year my hair is growing and natural, so it’s always Januhairy for me.

Why have you been having laser on the face?

As I often wear make-up, the hair on my face is not practical and gets in the way. Plus when you identify as a woman it is easier to have a clear canvas, so I’m not misgendered.

Have you ever considered laser on other areas?

To be honest I can see why it can be an addiction, similar to getting a tattoo. You get one and then after you realise it’s not that bad, so you want to get another one. I have thought about it, however, I’ve been very honest with myself and with my intentions with why I wanted to have laser on my face. Because of that, I don’t want to get other areas, because they are not as important or urgent at this time.

As it is an easy and quick procedure, I could just be giving in to the addictive spirit, which can be dangerous for my self-love. It’s more important for me for me to love my body in its natural state. I am at a place where I’m fine with growing my body hair. It has become a part of who I am and part of my character. If I didn’t have body hair maybe I would be a different person.

I like knowing that I might be helping and inspiring other women like myself or similar, who aren’t sure how they feel about their hair. I want to encourage other people to just be, and not worry about what others think of their body hair.

What are your thoughts on body hair?

When it comes to women, I feel like we should be offered the same respect and freedom that men receive. Often we are taught that we aren’t allowed to have hair under our arms, on our legs, on the top of the lip or etc. Why not?

If that’s how you feel comfortable it shouldn’t be such a big issue. We deserve to have the same freedom that men are given. They can walk out of the house without shaving their legs. If they have too much body hair it is not seen as unhygienic or not presentable.

Men are not frowned upon if they don’t remove their hair, it is their own choice. So it should be our own choice too. Whereas women are pressured to get waxed, shaved, or any of the other painful or expensive hair removal procedures. Women are always subliminally or directly told to be hairless. It’s unfair and unrealistic.

How have your laser results been?

My laser results have been really good. I’ve been surprised at how fast it worked! I’m now on my 6th session, and after the 1st session I didn’t think I would see such a reduction in the results, but now I can see the hairs are finer and barely exist.

I have been dealing with excessive hair growth on my face since my mid-teens, and it just got worse. It got to a point where if I didn’t shave my face within a week, I would see where a beard starting to form. However, after my first laser session, the hair growth was so slow, and I could not see that shadow of hair growth coming through. It’s definitely been more convenient for my lifestyle and has changed my life.

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