Laser Anti-Cellulite Treatment

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Laser Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is the plague of many women. If having some flabby bits wasn’t bad enough, then we have to add dimples too! What is worse, is even if you are not flabby you can still suffer from cellulite.

Luckily for all of us who either haven’t been able to shake the cellulite with exercise and diet, or for those who don’t want to face more dieting, or failed resolutions, laser is now a real and effective option.

The VellaShape III is the newest anti-cellulite laser from Syneron Candela, specifically designed to tackle not only cellulite, but circumference as well, and for an additional bonus it works on skin tightening too.

These combined actions are then both anti-cellulite and anti-fat. Most commonly used on the bum, thighs or belly, you will literally see centimetres fall of following a treatment (circumference reduction), the cellulite reduction works deep within your skin, getting to the fat clusters, improving lymphatic drainage and circulation, meaning that weeks after a treatment you may still notice positive improvements!

Now of course these treatments will get better results if you combine the sessions, with a good healthy lifestyle, including exercise and a good balanced diet. Big factors that can detract from your anti-cellulite battle include: a sedentary lifestyle, crash diets and smoking. But even without any lifestyle changes you can still see positive results from this anti-cellulite treatment.

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