Laser Hair Removal for the Bride to Be

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I got engaged earlier this year and am busy planning my wedding for next year. If you are in a similar position and are anything like me then you probably like to think through the details. If that’s the case, then you may have had a thought about what is best to do for that unwanted hair, not just for the wedding day, but the wedding night and the honeymoon too! No one wants to have to shave or wax on their honeymoon, do they!?

Laser hair removal is ideal for this because if you have completed your full course of treatments you will definitely be completely hair free and if you have not completed your whole course of treatments, then you can have one of your appointments about a week before your wedding, this should keep you hair free until the end of the honeymoon.

You generally need about six treatments to complete a full course and you need a gap of 6 weeks between appointments so the best time to start your laser hair treatments is about 10 months before your wedding! I know this seems like a lot but it is just one short appointment every 6 weeks during this time, and that will wrap it up with a few weeks to spare before your wedding when you don’t want to be thinking about hair removal. It seems with weddings you have to plan even the tiniest details months and months in advance!

What body parts you want to treat does vary from person to person but a simple package that you can’t go wrong with is the underarms, bikini line and lower legs. If you have other hairier areas like facial hair, arms or upper legs then of course you can get this done at the same time.

Tips – The other important reason to complete your treatment before the honeymoon is you can’t have a treatment on a tan and you would have to wait a few months before being able to continue. Also remember not to have an appointment the day of or too close to the wedding as you can be a little red and sore following your appointment and it takes a few days for the hair to fall out! This is the opposite than want you want to achieve! Lastly if the husband-to-be also has some excess, unwanted hair why not get him in too!

Good luck with the wedding plans! If you do want to get laser hair removal for your wedding then mention that you are a bride-to-be and a nice package may be able to be made for you.

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