Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness

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Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness

You may have wondered what really is the Laser Hair Removal effectiveness. You have probably heard that it is the best hair removal method, that it is permanent and so on but you may be wondering what the truth behind it is. So here are some of the facts for you.

Officially from scientific case studies Laser Hair Removal results in permanent hair reduction and can cause permanent hair removal. The statistics are that 60-95% of the hair is permanently gone, never to grow back after a series of treatments. It is a pretty great percentage for removal effectiveness!

The good news is that after you have completed your series of treatments, top up sessions are always available. So if the 60-95% is not good enough, then top up sessions can handle any stray hairs. If you want to push to that total 100% then just get yourself in to another series of treatments and it is all possible!

There are a few other factors that will affect the removal effectiveness of your treatments. The Laser used and the colour and thickness of your hair are factors. But not to worry these are things that your technician will handle. The technician will choose the right laser for you depending on your hair so that is not something you have to think of yourself.

The parts that you can handle yourself and something you do need to keep in mind though is no form of hair removal that removes the hair from the root – this means no plucking, waxing or epilating. And the last key point is not being tanned before your treatments…you need your natural skin colour.

So I hope that it answers your questions on what really is the laser hair removal effectiveness and if you want more information then check out