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Laser Hair Removal Q&A with Hani Sidow

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“Even though I wear a hijab and my summer body stays covered, it is still super important for me to feel great about myself, and laser hair removal has helped me do that. That feeling after a shave or wax is always undeniably satisfying, I wanted that feeling permanently so for me laser hair removal was the answer. Also, we can all get super lazy about shaving and constant trips to the store to buy shaving cream and razors really isn’t fun, I needed something convenient and laser was more than convenient for me.” Our client, Hani explains why she started Laser Hair Removal and common questions that come up with our clients.

  • What areas did you choose?

I have chosen my underarms and bikini area for my laser hair treatment, to begin with, but now I just want laser everywhere. I picked these areas to begin with mainly for hygiene reasons as I could get away with being lazy about shaving my legs and arms but with my underarms and bikini area, I only feel more comfortable and clean without the little forest. I have spent the most time and money on shaving these areas and the post shaving feeling was never comfortable so I wanted a less uncomfortable route and decided to give laser a try, I do not miss the sight of ingrown hairs!

  • What methods of hair removal were you using before? 

I have tried pretty much most forms of hair removal: sheet waxing, shaving, depilatory creams and hot waxing. With all of them, I still managed to get ingrown hair and often an itch was always attached. Although the results were always visible, to begin with they never lasted very long and within the week it felt like I was running back to square one.

  • Were you suffering from any problems?

Even after exfoliating before shaving, I still managed to get ingrown hairs and an itch which sometimes even made wearing underwear super uncomfortable. 

  • Did you have any worries or questions when starting laser treatment?

To begin with, I was always a little skeptical about laser hair removal especially on dark skin tones as there is a lot of misconception that laser hair removal doesn’t work for dark skin or that it will make your skin have patches of darker or lighter skin which sounded pretty terrifying. I asked about this in my consultation and felt reassured and I knew I was in safe hands from then.

  • Have you had any side effects from the laser?

Thank God I actually have not experienced any crazy side effects or anything that lasts too long. After my first session, I had little bumps all over on my bikini area for the first 5 minutes, kind of like goosebumps which I was worried about at first but this literally disappeared after 5 minutes. 

  • How many laser hair removal treatments have you had so far? 

I started seeing results from my very first session! When my hairs didn’t grow back after a week, that was a big shock for me because usually, I could see the little hairs peeping through after a week post shave but it was such a relief and I didn’t get any hairs until about a week 4 when I started getting a few faint hairs regrowing. They were super thin and a lot softer in texture that it didn’t even feel like hair. 

  • How much hair reduction have you had from the first treatment?

I am now on my 6th session and I literally have a few strands of really thin hair, you would practically need to look at them through a microscope. The hairs still grow quite long but there has been a massive reduction in the thickness of them! I started seeing results from my very first session but after every session, the regrowth has just been getting smaller and smaller. 

  • How would you describe the pain of laser hair removal?

I wouldn’t say that it is painful at all, more uncomfortable. It feels like little pokes with a warm needle, that doesn’t sound at all painful right? But I have definitely noticed that as my sessions go on it does get a little more uncomfortable as the laser starts to target hairs deeper under the skin every session. Some parts definitely are a little painful though like the bikini area but it is such minimal pain and literally lasts a second. 

I would rate it 1.2 for pain but about a 6 for it being uncomfortable as it is more uncomfortable than painful. 

  • What was your hair like before you started treatment and what is it like now?

It was quite thick, although there wasn’t too much hair, it always felt like a lot because each hair was thick. The texture of my skin feels a lot smoother as I am not getting any razor bumps and feels as smooth as a baby’s butt. 

  • Would you say laser has changed your daily routine? Do you shave often still?

It has definitely changed my life! I can’t remember the last time I actually shaved. In fact, I haven’t shaved at all other than 24 hours before my laser appointment as part of routine.

  • Would you recommend laser hair removal?

I have already been screaming it from the top of my lungs. Not only has it changed my life completely, it has saved me tonnes of money and time also, I don’t have to worry about shaving and I certainly do not miss the hair removal aisle in the shops haha

At Pulse Light Clinic everyone is super friendly and makes me feel completely welcomed and comfortable on every visit. The atmosphere is comforting especially during the treatments as I see posters of laser hair removal which definitely helps give you ignore the uncomfortable feeling because it would definitely be worth it when you are hair free!