Laser Hair Removal Reversal

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Well this is a slightly controversial subject for a laser clinic to tackle but recently it has become a growing trend so I thought we should talk about it!

Laser hair removal started out as an aesthetic medicinal treatment to help those that are just too hairy that it actually affects their life in a negative way. Then as the fashions moved more and more towards being hairless people started to use it more and more solely for beauty purposes.

Now this can be all well and good but occasionally it can be taken too far. The main area requested to have a reversal treatment on is the Hollywood. There are a few main causes, one is that the woman now older and not so stuck on beauty trends feels a little strange having no hair down there.

The second reason is having children, especially girls growing up and hitting puberty and wondering why mum has no hair down there. The third reason is that with time the fashion trends do change and being obsessively hair-free on the vagina is no longer the big thing that it was.

Just like with any permanent body change, such as getting a tattoo, all of the consequences should be thought through and fully decided on to avoid regret later in life. A great solution that I have heard for the Hollywood is getting the bikini area lasered and the inner area to complete the Hollywood done by waxing.

This is an excellent solution because your bikini area will be permanently hair free meaning you will always be looking good and ready to go in your underwear or bikini but later, if you no longer want to continue with the full Hollywood the rest of the hair will grow back naturally and no one will be the wiser.

Have you ever had any laser regret? If you have any concerns about this do talk to your practitioner before starting your treatments.