Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis

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Long-lasting hair removal methods are becoming more popular than ever for a range of benefits. The most popular two are laser hair removal and electrolysis which can often get confused and here we explain the difference between the two.



How Electrolysis works

Electrolysis is a permanent solution to remove hairs targeting an electric current to each individual hair using a metal probe that reaches down to the follicle and destroys the root. The metal probe is applied to every individual hair in the treatment area which is why it is not feasible for larger areas.

Electrolysis results

Although this treatment is a form of permanent removal this isn’t achieved within one treatment alone especially on larger or hormonal areas. For the most optimal results and to achieve the permanent removal of hair you may require follow-up treatments often this could range from 1-6 treatments and would be discussed at your consultation.

Who is suitable for Electrolysis

– Small patches of hairs

– All hair colours

– Fair skin types only


Laser hair removal

The Gentle Max lasers use high-energy light onto the treated area. After this, the targeted skin cells will absorb the light and convert it into heat whilst destroying the hair at the root of the follicle to limit it from producing further hairs and without damaging the surrounding tissue and skin.

Laser hair removal results
After a course of treatments (typically 8-12), laser hair removal can leave you with up to 80% permanent hair reduction. The results are not permanent as due to hormones and genes we are all prone to regrowth of hair but this hair removal method is one of the longest-lasting compared to shaving and waxing.

Who is suitable for laser hair removal
– All body areas and large areas
– Not red, blonde, and grey hairs
– All skin types