Tolani Shoneye Having Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with Tolly T

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We spoke to Tolani about her experience with laser hair removal at Pulse Light Clinic. Tolani, commonly known as Tolly T from The Receipts Podcast, a leading UK podcast that began 2 years ago and has taken storm since. The podcast covers everything from relationships, situationships to everyday life with no filter. Many clients have a situation with their body hair every day so we thought there was no one better to have in other than the lovely Tolani to cover her laser hair removal journey and common questions.

In most cases, clients will see a 10-20% reduction of hair growth and thickness after each treatment passes. This means that after the full recommended course of treatments clients may notice an 80-90% reduction in hair. View her full laser hair removal experience below. After each treatment, the hair may be noticeable after a few days this is when the hairs will begin to shed following 1/2 weeks after treatment.

I talk about laser hair removal all the time and would get anyone to do it. I was a bit cautious at first because there’s loads of stories about how it is complicated for darker skin tones but I have had no issues and Pulse Light Clinic have the right lasers and settings to be able to treat darker skin tones!