Laser Nose Hair Removal

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You may not have known that laser hair removal is possible for the nose. The good news is that it is! The excellent benefit of permanent laser hair removal, is available for nose hair.

Excess nasal hair is not a pretty site and men particularly as they get older seem to end up with nose hair spilling out. So a nice permanent handling is not to be sniffed at!

Many hair removal methods like shaving or creams just don’t work well for the nose because it is tricky to reach, and things like plucking can be painful and bad for the delicate inside of the nose.

The great thing about laser nose hair removal is that it doesn’t damage the tissue surrounding the hair, and so the delicate membranes in the inside of the nose won’t get damaged at all.

It works the same as always, a few treatments will be needed to make sure that all the hairs are caught, an individual session will be very fast, just a matter of minutes, and then with no downtime required you can get straight back into your day.

Nose hairs often seem to appear as we age, and this relates to hormonal changes. For this reason, it is possible that further sessions would be needed later on in time if totally new hairs start to grow. This is not always required but is possible as the years go by.

Though nose hair is most commonly a problem for men it does affect women too, and if as a woman you are suffering from excess facial hair in general, a package can be made for you to cover the upper lip, chin, nose hair or any other facial areas with problems.

Book yourself in for a laser nose hair removal consultation and get a free patch test too.

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