Tattoo Removal Results

Laser Tattoo Removal Results

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Laser Tattoo Removal using PicoWay and PicoSure lasers is a safe and effective method for targetting body ink. Unlike other methods available, tattoo removal is a non-invasive treatment that targets only the ink of your unwanted tattoo and leaves the surrounding skin unaffected.

The tattoo removal results and number of treatments required can often vary due to a range of factors include:

  • Depth of ink – The level of ink that has been diffused into the dermis (deep layer of skin). Professional tattooists often use more ink to spread deeper than a stick and poke, making them harder to remove.
  • The location of the tattoo – The closer the tattoo is to your heart area, the more effective the removal process. Areas on the upper half of the body have a high blood and lymph node count to promote healing for effective tattoo removal results.
  • Tattoo age – The longer a tattoo has been in the body, the deeper they sink into the skin. This is the reason tattoos become faded as they age. Older tattoos may take fewer treatments. 
  • Tattoo size – If you have a small 3cm tattoo this will take considerably fewer laser tattoo removal treatments than a half sleeve or back tattoo.
  • Colours of ink – Darker inks can be easier to remove than lighter colours. Picosure can remove blue, green, purple, red, and black inks. Picoway can remove black, red, and yellow inks.
  • Tattoo application – The composition of tattoos is unique and there are a variety of compounds that create tattoo pigment. The ink quality and ink type can vary, compound inks such as beryllium may be hard to remove with lasers. 
  • Following aftercare – It is important to follow post-treatment tattoo removal instructions for swift healing to the treated area. Your immune system prepares your body to remove the ink destroyed and for the best tattoo removal results.

If you are considering laser tattoo removal make sure you book a consultation and patch test to determine the effectiveness of removal and if you are suitable.

After Nine Tattoo Removal Treatments