Lala Love Facial Hair Removal Treatment

Managing Facial Hair Growth!

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Salon closures over the past few months may have lead to poor choices as far as facial hair removal is concerned. Some methods may seem efficient but could leave you with a bigger problem, in more ways than hair growth.

Here are some options to manage the hair growth in between your laser hair removal treatments:

  • LET IT GROW If you can leave the hair to grow this would be optimum, so as not to disrupt your progress on a hair removal treatment plan.
  • DERMAPLANING for soft facial hair (peach fuzz). This is a somewhat new method, doesn’t last very long because it literally just skims off the hair and dead skin cells, without addressing the root at all. Dermaplaning tools for home use are easy to find and inexpensive. It is relatively risk-free, although developing whiteheads afterwards is common. More seriously, infection and scarring have been known to occur in a minority.

We spoke to TV Host Lala Love about her facial hair removal journey and she explained “I started my laser treatments with Pulse Light Clinic during late summer of 2019. After I had my first treatment I was gobsmacked by how fast the results could be seen. Especially as I suffered from excessive hair growth on my face, to finally be able to remove it, it was just such a relief. Going through the process and support of Pulse Light Clinic has brought so much joy to me as I thought I would be struggling with razors and hair removal cream for the rest of my life.  

I have laser treatments every 4 weeks and I don’t find it that painful as I am familiar with the zapping sensation which is similar to the at-home IPL machine. When you get used to the procedures you barely notice it is happening. I find it much easier coming in knowing that I’ve shaved the day before and if I haven’t had a treatment in a while especially due to COVID there are other techniques that aren’t going to affect my laser hair removal results. During the lockdown, I have been using dermaplaning which has been useful to keep my hair at a good length.  

One of my favourite things about Pulse Light Clinic is that they make it their priority to make sure that their treatments are accessible to everyone, that includes all sizes, shapes and skin tones. That can be hard when you are going to find laser hair removal treatments or laser tattoo removal treatments. I think people find it difficult to find who to go to, but I know you can always count on Pulse Light Clinic.”