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On The Pulse With Sharmadean Reid

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The wonderful Sharmadean Reid took 10 minutes to speak with us about everything from her career highlights, skincare routine to the future of the beauty industry. She recently won the Bold Future award by Veuve Clicquot, celebrating the best in British female entrepreneurship and leadership and we thought there was no one better to start our new ‘On The Pulse’ series.

Pulse Light Clinic advocates and celebrates trendsetters and trailblazers within leading industries. Within the ‘On The Pulse’ interviews, we share their journey, business, and approach to life. Each conversation reveals insights and knowledge into their different practices.

How did your career start? 

Sharmadean Reid: I graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion. I worked as a stylist assistant for a few years and continued after graduating. I had an idea to open up a nail salon for fun, and then it took off from then, which completely diverted my path and threw me into the world of beauty and technology. Most importantly, I learned about women’s rights and empowerment and how women needed more support.

As The Founder of The Stack World. I work mainly on the company vision – what it should be, where we are going long-term, developing the product itself, and hosting sessions for members.

Who were you inspired by? 

Sharmadean Reid: Inspiration is an interesting word because everyone has their own journey, so you never know what someone has gone through to get what they’ve achieved. My customers and other business owners always inspire me because everyone has a story to tell. I love to read business biographies. I try not to look at someone and think I want to do exactly that. 

Who has supported you?

Sharmadean Reid: My biggest supporters have been everyone, from my investors, Suzanne Ashman, to my close friends. I have a lot of female founder friends who provide moral support and are rooting for me.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Sharmadean Reid: Being on Woman’s Hour and working with the charity Art Against Knives, I found them empowering and fulfilling. We have always baked social impact into everything we do at The Stack. 

The best project you have worked on?

Sharmadean Reid: The Stack World launch film was about forty of our favourite women in Piccadilly Circus. The response was epic, and it was inspiring to work with all of the women, like female director Lucy Luscombe. The highlight was getting my favourite song, ‘Good life’ by Inner-City approved for a license on track use.

Advice for someone aspiring to do the same as you

Sharmadean Reid: Our journeys will be very different so always think of your user and community. Take into consideration how you will acquire your customers as social media giants have made it challenging to acquire these organically. Social media is both a blessing and a curse—a blessing in the sense that it has created a democratic platform for everyone to promote. The curse is they want you to pay them for advertising; unless you have extreme creativity, it can be hard to cut through the noise.

On Skincare

AM and PM routine

Sharmadean Reid: I wash my face with CeraVe or Skinceutical AHA cleanser, then I wash my body with L’Occitane almond shower oil, and then when I get out, I use Bioderma on my face to remove any soap residue. That has been a game-changer for me; when you wash your face, it becomes dry from soap, so I use the toner. I then apply Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum and brush my teeth while it soaks in, before putting on my sunscreen and makeup.

I have a bath every night, wash my face five times, and use any cleanser I have been given. Then I use moisturiser or serum; I have a roster of serums on my nightstand.

Any skin tips that work well for you?

Sharmadean Reid: I used to have a lot of hyperpigmentation from picking spots, and now the minute I feel like I’m getting a spot, I use P50 by Biologique Recherche as it helps prevent pigmentation. If you know what works for your skin, I would say don’t mix your routine too much.

A product you can’t live without

Sharmadean Reid: Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, every night!

Thoughts on body hair?

Sharmadean Reid: My whole life I’ve not had thick body hair, I shave my legs most nights in the bath. If my arm or leg hair grows, you won’t notice. My bikini line is thick and coarse, so I’m enjoying the laser hair removal in London at Pulse Light Clinic mainly for the ingrown hairs as during winter when I’m wearing jeans, the ingrown hairs get irritated. It doesn’t matter how you wear your body hair; it’s how you feel comfortable. 

The best skinvestment you’ve made

Sharmadean Reid: Profhilo has helped my skin stay plump. I eat many naturally fatty foods by design for my skin, so I eat a lot of avocado and salmon. When I lose weight, my skin looks very dry, dull, and gaunt. After my first Profhilo treatment, I have seen a slight difference. I like the idea of a treatment that plumps my skin from the inside out, and I look forward to results after the second. 

A tweakment you want to try

Sharmadean Reid: I want to get a top-up on the microblading on my eyebrows, but there aren’t any others that stand out as I like to keep it natural.

Surgical or non-surgical treatments

Sharmadean Reid: I’m a results-based person, so I think about the results more than the procedure. It’s down to what works for you and how you can achieve the result you want safely.

On The Industry

Thoughts on the future of the beauty industry

Sharmadean Reid: I think the beauty industry is going for more long-term results. I guess the pandemic showed us that we could stretch out some lo-fi maintenance treatments a bit longer, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we didn’t get some superficial treatments done. I think everyone will want things that have long-lasting results or an experience, rather than sticking eyelash extensions, or waxing, having a builder gel manicure, or laser hair removal. The instant feeling of calm and relaxation you get when you are in a beauty room is unbeatable. You’re not just paying for the result but the whole experience.

What do you think the industry is missing?

Sharmadean Reid: I think the industry is behind with Black skincare, and I’m excited about Dijas’ book, ‘The Black Skincare Guide,’ to come out. 

How do you stay active?

Sharmadean Reid: I stay active by walking, I’ve got a Peloton at home, and I swim often. I do Yoga every Sunday morning with Sangye Yoga School. I find it incredibly hard to stay motivated; I work hard so when I rest I enjoy that time and will happily chill in bed.

What are your wellness habits?

Sharmadean Reid: I listen to my body and adjust accordingly, so I will take my iron tablets and go to bed earlier if I feel tired. I am very in tune with my physical self. I try to avoid processed foods.

One thing you would like to add to your daily routine

Sharmadean Reid: I’d love to work out every day – but not for me.

Any exciting upcoming projects you are working on?

Sharmadean Reid: With The Stack World, we are doing a huge conference in October at Oakley Court. There will be 250 stack world members taking over the hotel for the day doing networking and panels – it’s going to be epic!

Interviewed by: Nina Patel