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Knowing if you’re suitable for PicoSure – FAQ

If you want to get rid of a tattoo, PicoSure is the only way to do it. But are you up for it? Let us answer your questions:

PicoSure is suitable for those with skin types I-IV but is currently not suitable for black or Afro Caribbean skin. It also cannot be used for cosmetic tattoos such as eyeliner or eyebrows.

During your treatment your tattoo may turn white and swell before turning red for a while afterwards. We’ll make sure you have all the aftercare information you need to minimise any potential post-treatment irritation.

You’ll need to apply ointment regularly for the first 24 hours and keep the area covered with gauze, and keep your skin protected from the sun for the entire course of your treatment to stop pigmentation problems.

You shouldn’t have any side effects, but if you have a history of poor wound healing or scarring talk to your practitioner at your initial consultation. There is a low risk of developing scars.

After your treatment the skin may look red or itch, but this is completely normal and temporary.

It’s difficult to know how many treatments you’ll need as it depends on a number of factors – how deep under your skin the ink goes, what colours your tattoo is made up of, the age of your tattoo and your skin type. We’ll be able to give you an estimate at your consultation.

With PicoSure tattoo removal you can leave a shorter space of time than other treatments, but you will need to leave sufficient time for your immune system to remove the broken ink particles. We’ll let you know the right time frame at your first appointment.

Will it hurt?

Some people describe it as like being twanged with an elastic band, but it varies from client to client as everyone has a different pain threshold. If you’re worried, just ask; we’ll tell you how to minimise any discomfort both before and after your treatment.

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