PicoSure makes unwanted tattoos vanish

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PicoSure makes unwanted tattoos vanish

If you’ve got a bad case of tattoo regret that only gets worse every time you catch a flash of that ugly ink in the mirror, we feel your pain. There’s nothing worse than wanting something permanent vanished from your body forever and not knowing how to go about it – fortunately, we have the answer. The PicoSure tattoo removal system is the only way to go.

Tattoos are permanent because the ink is applied under the skin, not on top of it. This means that it can’t simply be scrubbed away, nor will it wear off. Which is great, if you want to keep it, and less great if you don’t.

Things to think about before your treatment

While PicoSure is faster and more effective than older methods of laser removal, there are a number of factors that will influence how long it takes for your tattoo to completely disappear. These include:

  • How deep in the skin the ink sits
  • Where on your body the tattoo is
  • The size of the tattoo
  • The type of ink that has been used, and how much
  • The colour of the ink
  • How long ago the tattoo was done

Why PicoSure is the best of the best

The previous gold standard of tattoo removal was the Q-switch laser, but PicoSure is both faster and more effective than this method.

While Q-switch lasers use heat to destroy the ink particles that comprise the tattoo, PicoSure uses extremely powerful, super-short pulses to shatter the tattoo ink into tiny molecules. These molecules are small enough to be removed by the body naturally, and the tattoo disappears.

As the pulses are much more powerful than the heat energy used by the Q-switch laser, tattoo removal is much faster. It also reduces the chance of scarring, as there’s no heat required.

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