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Real People, True Results: Acne Scar Removal

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We spoke to our client Thomas about his journey with acne scars…

‘Why are you having treatments?

I started about 18 months ago at Pulse Light Clinic having the Dermapen, I started to see some results quite quickly but I have a lot of deep acne scarring so from speaking with the team at the clinic, I decided to go for the ICON treatment, that was great and had again great results. As my acne scarring is quite deep we have now decided to do a course of CO2 laser treatments.

What are your thoughts on CO2?

I’m really looking forward to having the CO2 treatment, I’ve suffered from acne for quite a few years since I was a child which had caused deeper scarring. I’m hoping that the CO2 can hide the scarring I have and improve the deeper lines across the jaw area. 

How have the results been so far?

With acne scarring it’s a slow process and I have been happy with the results so far from the ICON and Dermapen, because a lot of my scarring is deep we have decided to go ahead with the CO2 and I’m looking forward to the final outcome.

I would recommend Pulse Light Clinic because they offer a personal service it’s really relaxed, the guys who work there are really friendly and it feels really easy to talk to them about what can be quite sensitive issues. 

My acne scars can affect my self-confidence, it might make me want to cancel plans or not go out, having seen some of the results so far from the treatment gives me more of a confidence boost to go out and feel happier within myself.’

When Thomas came in for his treatment the practitioner recommended he try a course of 6 treatments of the ICON alongside DermaPen to target his deeper scars. After his course had finished he had seen some impressive results on the surface but needed a deeper treatment to get the older scarring, after finding this with many clients we then invested CO2 treatment and had this client available for Thomas to proceed with, which he is now undergoing and we are excited to see the results.