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Real People, True Results: Body Sculpting

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We spoke to our client Elena about her Body Sculpting treatment journey.

“I decided to do the treatment because after my pregnancy I was left with a small area of fat on my stomach that didn’t budge no matter how much I was exercising or the diets I followed nothing seemed to work. I started to see results around the one-month mark, that’s when I saw most of my fat around my stomach area reducing. The clothes were fitting much better and I felt more confident in my skin. 

It was important for me to have both treatments for my body sculpting because Coolsculpting reduced most of my fat in the stomach area and Emsculpt toned the area much better. In my case, I felt it was ideal to have both treatments. I really recommend and trust Pulse Light Clinic as the consultants and doctors explained the procedures and made me feel comfortable the whole experience.

Doing CoolSculpting and Emsculpt made me feel much more confident in my skin and I was actually proud to wear a two-piece bikini on the beach without hiding myself under the umbrella. I really recommend the procedures I would do them again and again and again.

For anyone thinking of doing CoolSculpting and Emsculpt, I would recommend they would do their research and continue to have a healthy lifestyle after doing the procedures that’s what I did I tried to exercise and eat healthily and this would keep the results for much longer.

I’m so happy with my results because they made me feel so much more confident and comfortable in my skin and I definitely recommend the procedure to everyone.”

During Elena’s body sculpting transformation plan the area on her stomach was assessed by the practitioner and she had determined to achieve her goals of getting rid of stubborn fat that would not shift and toning it she could opt for 4 advantages (larger size) applicators in a diamond shape which would take 45 minutes per applicator, in total approximately 3 hours. Elena returned at 6 weeks post-treatment which was halfway through the healing process and the results were already what Elena had expected as she continued to maintain a healthy diet and workout routine. No further treatments for CoolSculpting were required and the full 12 weeks had passed and she was ready to tone the area with EmSculpt the final results can be seen almost immediately to 6 weeks post-treatment for Elena.