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Real People, True Results: Laser Hair Removal

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I’m doing laser hair removal on my face due to my PCOS, every month I have a hormonal breakout I can get more hair on my face and chest more than normal people. Laser hair removal did help a lot especially when it came to the ingrown hair I could notice a difference from the first treatment I didn’t have any ingrown hairs so obviously, the hair would still grow but it wouldn’t be ingrown. Which terms of putting make-up on and confidence it just really helped. 

The biggest difference for me has been my confidence because before treatment I wouldn’t be able to come out of the house without makeup or feeling conscious about the bumps or itching because ingrown hairs can hurt and I would always want to itch and pick them and I didn’t have to worry from the 2nd session, that has been the biggest change for me.

Laser hair removal changed my life because being an artist I’m usually in front of the scene and I would get conscious of how I look or always constantly pick my face, I do not have to do that anymore I can come out of the house without make-up not feeling conscious, the make-up looks so much better as my skin is smoother. I still get hair but it is not as bad as it used to be.

I love Pulse Light Clinic because they have amazing therapists before treatment I was kind of scared and afraid because I was told several times that due to my skin tone I wouldn’t be able to do laser which apparently was not true and I would say they are really patient as any questions or concerns I had they would always respond. I would recommend Pulse Light Clinic for laser hair removal as they have lasers for all skin types and they will take you through the process. Laser hair removal makes me feel more comfortable and less conscious about my appearance. 

When Galyam came in for a consultation she informed us that she had PCOS and after assessing her hair and skin type she was recommended a course of 8 treatments to start and was advised that she would need maintenance treatments after this as she has PCOS. After her 3rd treatment she was seeing great results on her face but the chest was a bit slower with progress but overall there was a big difference. In this case, the practitioner asked her to not shave prior to her 4th treatment so they could see the progress and assess how to move forward with her treatment plan.