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Real People, True Results: Laser Hair Removal with Mariam Musa

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We spoke to our client Mariam Musa about her journey with excessive hair growth from PCOS.

‘I’m doing laser hair removal on my underarms, bikini line, legs, neck, and chest area. I decided to do laser hair removal because I wanted to get rid of the ingrown hairs that I would develop every time I shave with a razor. I wanted to be able to shave my legs, go out and not worry about the hairs growing back quickly so I decided to do laser hair removal for that reason and the general maintenance of how those areas looked. 

I have PCOS so doing laser hair removal has really helped it because I used to get really annoying and irritating hair growth back on my chest and neck area and for me, as a female, it was a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable. Having laser hair removal has allowed it to minimise the hair growth and I don’t get ingrown anymore so it has cleared up that area and I feel so much more confident.

The biggest difference for me since starting laser hair removal has definitely just been the appearance of how the hair doesn’t grow back as first, and even when it does grow back in a sparse area it’s so thin and it’s not even noticeable. I like now and I notice now and I don’t have to shave or worry as much if I’m going out or seeing my boyfriend.

I 100% recommend Pulse Light Clinic because they do everything so professionally you have your patch test, they give you so much knowledge about why you’re doing it and what the benefits are and I think that’s really important you want to go into doing laser hair removal confident about the process and realistic to your results and how long you will achieve them.

Laser hair removal makes me feel more confident, it is such a big thing because I know that I book in my session and maybe 6-8 weeks I don’t have to come back or worry about it and each time I come back in I feel like I’m getting constant improvements and getting to my end result and that’s the ultimate goal to know that my goals are achievable.’

Mariam found out she had PCOS at a young age and would often suffer from excessive hair growth which she would find herself covering up with makeup after assessing her hair and skin type she was recommended a course of 8 treatments to start as we were focusing on treating the facial area she was advised to come in every 4 weeks. After her 8th treatment, she was seeing great results however there would still be hair growth. For those with PCOS we would always require maintenance treatments unless the client has responded well.