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Real People, True Results: Laser Tattoo Removal

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Why are you having laser tattoo removal?

Paul Howard: I’m removing my tattoo as when I got it done it was not done how I wanted it, when I looked at the mirror after it was not what I wanted at all and it started to affect my work as well.

How painful is the laser tattoo removal?

Paul Howard: If I said that it didn’t hurt because it does hurt but there are numbing creams that you can get to put on it to make it a bit easier. 

Why did you choose Pulse Light Clinic?

Paul Howard: I looked around for a bit at different clinics and places that had lasers, Pulse Light Clinic had the PicoWay and PicoSure laser which I found was the most quickest and efficient way to remove a tattoo they were extremely professional and efficient when it came down to it.

I would highly recommend Pulse Light Clinic if you’re looking to get laser tattoo removal as for me they were extremely efficient, clean, professional and they are always able to answer any questions. If you’re looking to get your tattoo removed I would just say go for it, don’t worry about the pain or anything as the results are extremely worth it in the end. I have had 7 sessions so far and feel a lot more confident now that is fading and only have a few more sessions left.