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Real People, True Results: Skin Tightening

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We spoke to our client Pei about her skin tightening treatments…

The reason I had HIFU is that when I got to this age in my early 30s I just really wanted my skin to look like it was in my 20s. I started noticing my skin area around the cheek and around the mouth had become loose and wanted it to become lifted and look younger.

In the beginning, I thought it was going to be very painful because I googled it and I thought it would be painful. The therapist was very patient and guided me through every step of the way, even though I felt a tingling and pain but everything was pleasant as I knew what I was expecting so the whole process was comfortable. 

I would say the first month I didn’t feel much difference like my skin was more or less the same, it felt more stable like it doesn’t react to the treatment but the second month I started noticing my skin started lifting and even my boyfriend could notice and he said “what did you do to your face recently” and I noticed the treatment started working as even when I apply my makeup the foundation doesn’t get stuck in the creases so I’m quite happy as it has been 2 months and I can’t wait for the final results next month.

I would recommend Pulse Light Clinic because I think they do give you an honest suggestion, before I did HIFU I was actually thinking about doing other treatments but the therapist told me if I wanted to achieve that tighter skin looks then it would be better to do HIFU than the other treatment I was looking at. 

Everybody has a different tolerance to pain so I would say just do it and find the right therapist that will guide you through.

I’m very happy with the results, it has been two months now and I can start noticing the difference and I can’t wait to see in 3 months as 12 weeks post treatments should be the final results.’

As Pei mentioned, when she came in she was initially interested in the Picosure treatment as she heard that it was beneficial for Asian skin types however, her skin didn’t require the treatment and her main concern was to retain her youthful look and tighten certain areas without surgery.