Reasons why you should use coconut oil for your skin




Multiple Skin Problems – One Solution

Coconuts provide amazingly nutritious food, a super-hydrating fluid, and it’s oil is equally powerful in nutrition as well as being one of the most natural products for combating common skin problems. For example, due to it’s antimicrobial properties, it is an excellent product to use in eliminating yeast-type skin problems such as dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Acne and Acne Scars

Coconut oil can help reduce the occurrence of acne by cleansing the pores which are full of sebum. So often the sebum (a sticky substance) attracts dirt and bacteria that results in infection. By cleansing the skin with coconut oil you essentially clear the bacteria, dirt and excess sebum, which reduces the chances of infection and any related swelling. Coconut oil will therefore help reduce scarring and speed healing.

Itchy Skin

There are several possible underlying reasons for itchy skin. It may be dryness from lack of essential fats, excretion of toxins, excess of yeasts, or healing of an abrasion. Coconut oil soothes itchy skin, lubricates it and promotes healing.

Hives / Rashes

Although Coconut oil will not address the underlying reason for hives, it does much to ease the discomfort it causes by lubricating and softening the skin, and diminishing the severity. Hives is an inflammatory response and Coconut oil is exceedingly helpful at reducing inflammation of all kinds.