Regret your tattoo ?


Tattoo regret is certainly growing in ‘popularity’ and celebrity tattoo regret seems to be all over the papers

Here are a few of the funniest ones I have seen recently.

Jennifer Laurence has H20 tattood on her hand but the 2 is incorrect for the scientific writing and she got it as she thought ‘well I will always need to be hydrated’!

Demo Lovato has a tattoo of her friends lips on her arm. In trying to cover it up it ended up looking like a vagina! She has now got it covered by a rose and so things have been handled there!

Adam Levine describes his shoulder tattoo as looking like ‘a cauliflower with a sun in the middle…it’s just despicable looking. ‘

Adrienne Bailon has an inscription of her ex-boyfriends name on her butt! Not a small name and all over her bum!

Blake Shelton meant to have a tattoo of deer tracks and barbed wire but it certainly hasn’t turned out that way! Unfortunately it is his own design which the artist copied so there is no one to blame but himself!

Whether it is a spur of the moment decision, a mistake by the artist or just a bad decision unfortunately you do have that tattoo for life. If you have tattoo regret at least you can try and keep it yourself unlike those celebrities!

What is excellent nowadays is that tattoo regret doesn’t have to haunt you for life. There are excellent tattoo artists out there that can do great cover ups or you have the excellent technology of laser tattoo removal.

With laser tattoo removal now advanced and the PicoSure machine leading the market the tattoo can be fully and utterly removed in only 3-6 treatments. This doesn’t mean a faded outline of your old tattoo but a real return to your skin just as it should be!