Remedies for Rosacea

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Rosacea is actually a physical condition wherein certain blood vessels especially on your face swell up. This gives the cheeks and nose a flushed appearance. Understandably this causes people to feel uncomfortable either with the physical sensation or with the social embarrassment or lack of confidence.

There are many different remedies for rosacea out there but here at Pulse Light Clinic we have really found what we feel is the best handling out there. Our remedies for Rosacea are a combination handling of nutrition and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). We are now one of the leading clinics on Rosacea in the country and this is definitely due to this method of handling. With over 15 years of experience and a trained nutritionist to help you cannot be in better hands.

For the nutritional side of the handling we partner with Lisa Borg a specialist in Rosacea and skin complaints. She will find out what things out there are triggering your Rosacea. This could be vitamin deficiencies or food intolerances amongst other things. Getting this data gives you the ability to get your Rosacea under control for a more long term handling. Nutritional consultations are available and food intolerance and vitamin testing can be done. You may be surprised with what you find! Clients who have followed this advice have even seen their rosacea go into remission!

In the meantime at the clinic we will use IPL to start removing those visible effects – the redness! Our IPL equipment is some of the most advanced equipment available and we combine that with excellent training and experience in our IPL practitioners. With our 15 years in the industry we have dealt with all variations of rosacea and skin types, so no matter your problem we do know how to help you.

I don’t know of any better remedies for rosacea, so pop down to the clinic for a free consultation!