Removing Coloured Ink Tattoos


Removing a tattoo can be just as big a decision as getting a tattoo. In some ways you have many of the same things to think about. A permanent change to your skin, expense and pain.

A permanent change to your skin is a big one but if you are unhappy with your tattoo, whether it now has bad connotations to your or was just badly done then it will be a relief to have it removed. The expense varies on the size of the tattoo and the clinic you go to. For our prices at City Tattoo Removal check out our website below. The pain is described as at a very similar level to the pain of having gotten the tattoo in the first place. So if you got through it that first time then you can get through it now!

So what are some of the other factors? Well in fact it is what colours are used in your ink tattoo. For tattoo removal the colours of the ink tattooed on makes a big difference to how easy or hard it is to be removed.

Black and grey ink are the easiest colours to remove, then followed by red, yellow, brown and orange. The hardest colour ink to remove is green and light blue.

The good news is that with the advances in the lasers used to remove coloured ink tattoos, all colours can now be removed. The most advanced laser out there is the PicoSure Tattoo Removal Laser. With this laser you can actually remove any tattoo no matter what colour ink is tattooed on and in less treatments than ever before!

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