Shaving pubic area before laser hair removal

Shaving Pubic Area Before Laser Hair Removal

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If you have decided to go ahead with a course of laser hair removal treatments for the pubic area whether it’s just the bikini line or the full monty the hair needs to be shaved before your treatment so the treatment will be more comfortable and effective for you. Here are some tips from our senior consultant on how to remove the hairs effectively on this sensitive area.
1) If the hair is longer than 2cm it may be easier to trim the hairs down with a pair of professional grooming scissors before shaving. To minimise any risk of injuring the skin we would recommend sitting down and having a good light available to reach all areas.
2) After trimming the hair down this step is the most important. Exfoliating will help to prevent any bacteria from entering the skin as when you shave the hair follicles will be open. Not only will exfoliating help with this but it can also remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs and allow the laser hair removal treatments to work effectively. You can find our go-to at-home exfoliating recipe here.
3) Now you have prepared the area you can grab the shaving cream while in the shower or bath and apply it over your pubic area and take a brand new razor blade.
4) Pull the skin so it is tight and begin shaving slowly in the direction of the hair’s growth. Shaving in smaller strokes will prevent any razor cuts and more precise removal. To get some of the hard-to-reach areas it can help to use a mirror and sit down and you can also go in for a second pass to get a close shave so there are no hairs remaining on the pubic area.
Shaving is the only method recommended prior to laser hair removal so the hair is still within the follicle to be targeted. If you have any questions about how to prepare prior to a laser hair removal treatment your practitioner can provide you with more tips and recommendations for the most effective treatment.