Tattoo removal before and after

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Tattoo removal before and after.

Having decided to get your tattoo removed with laser treatment the most commonly asked question is what is it like? What happens? Well in this blog I am going to describe to you tattoo removal before and after on a large colourful chest tattoo as shown in the video on Pulse Light Clinic’s tattoo page.

So have a read of this and check out the video!

The man is comfortably laying on his back with dark glasses to protect his eyes from the laser light. In one hand of the practitioner is the Laser and in the other hand a tube blowing out cooling air. You can see the laser emitting bright flashes which repeat very fast. The man seems to be in slight discomfort but looks mostly alright.

As the treatment progresses you can see each part of the tattoo that the laser has gone over already start to blur and fade. It is quite astonishing the immediate results. At one point the man looks down and seems very impressed at the progress, showing a big smile – this is his first treatment on the tattoo.

As the practitioner works her way over all parts of the tattoo occasionally she pauses and blows the cold air on the treated part to help cool the area and minimise any discomfort.

Having gone over the whole tattoo the before and after is quite impressive. At first it was a very clear tattoo with writing, pictures and flowers. The colours are the normal dark green/black plus red. After just this first treatment you can no longer see exactly what the design is and the darker colours are extremely faded away.

That gives an amazing idea of what is possible in a treatment with the PicoSure machine and why this machine allows for so many fewer treatments than past machines for complete removal of the tattoo. I hope that gives you some insight into a tattoo removal before and after the first treatment.