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In some ways the name is very self-explanatory for what we do but actually there are various methods that a tattoo removal clinic could use to achieve the result of a removed tattoo.

Here at Pulse Light we are a tattoo removal clinic.

The only method that we use here is Laser tattoo removal. This is because with the newest advances in Laser Tattoo removal – the PicoSure machine – this method is far and above the safest, fastest and most effective method of removing your tattoo. The number of treatments required is down to 3-5 and the healing gap between treatments has also lessened drastically and with this Laser is only 4-6 weeks.

Other tattoo removal clinics may use Lasers but may not have the latest technology and could be using other older forms of laser. These are still working lasers but do take quite a lot longer to achieve the result and are sometimes not as effective.

The laser targets the ink rather than the skin and when the laser pulses hit the ink it breaks up into tiny particles and gets absorbed into the blood stream and then removed from the body. There is some pain but it is a small amount and the practitioners at the tattoo removal clinic are always happy to help with some cooling air or cream if it’s needed.

You should not confuse this type of clinic with places that do surgical tattoo removal. This is essentially a small operation that cuts out the skin that contains the tattoo and then sows your skin together again. This does leave a surgical scar and you are required to go under anaesthetic at least locally for this treatment. These surgical clinics can also be called a tattoo removal clinic so make sure you book yourself into the right clinic!

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