The benefits of laser hair removal

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The benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has many benefits over more traditional – and less permanent – methods of hair removal. For example:

It is not only faster, but also more effective, than both IPL and electrolysis treatments

In the long term you’ll save both money and time as you’ll never have to shave, pluck or wax again

It reduces both the chance of bacteria growth and the chance of ingrown hairs

You’ll see results as early as your first or second treatment, although it will take a few more before the results become permanent

We offer a free consultation and patch test with one of our highly trained technicians

It is, dependent on skin type and laser used, largely painless

At your initial consultation, one of our expert technicians will advise on which type of laser will work best for your skin type and individual needs. We may also carry out your patch test using more than one laser to make sure we have the best fit.

Please remember that you’ll need multiple treatments before your hair loss becomes permanent – maybe up to eight if you’re on the more hirsute side! Fortunately lasers are suitable for use on areas right across the body including the back, chest, stomach, face and even the sensitive bits!

Laser hair removal works best on those with pale skin and dark hair; it’s easier for the laser to target than blonde or very pale hair. If you are dark or black skinned, ask your clinician for advice – your skin may respond better to certain types of laser. Grey hair has no pigment for the laser to target and as such unfortunately cannot be treated.

Call us today to book your patch test and consultation. We’re the only ones to get you fuzz-free forever and free you from the razor. Book today.

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