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The Best Non-Surgical Facelift

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Over the past year, zoom calls have seen a rise and are impacting our self-image. Experts have explained how, since the pandemic started in 2019, it has made Body Dysmorphia symptoms worse for those previously suffering. Zoom Dysmoprhia means many people turn to surgical treatments to change their appearance that they obsess over on their screens. While there is a range of technologies available from CO2, HIFU, CoolSculpting, and Profound RF micro-needling to achieve your goals, we cover some of the latest non-surgical facelift treatments performed by our in-house Doctor.

Shape & Sculpt
What are Fillers & Injectables?
Dermal Fillers to redefine a soft jawline without the need for surgery or cutting into the skin.

The Lowdown
If using surgery to rediscover a long-lost jawline isn’t for you, consider this quick alternative. Fillers and injectables work by building up space in the layers of the skin this helps to plump the areas and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Ideally, you will have few wrinkles and minimal sagging to achieve the most dramatic results, you can combine this with other treatments.

Be Aware
While the procedure isn’t painful, generally, there can be less bruising compared to surgery, the bruises will last a few days but can be covered up. It is vital to have this procedure carried out by a qualified doctor and not a beauty therapist to ensure you are in the best hands as they are using medical-grade products and techniques.

What is Profhilo?
Hyaluronic acid injections are inserted under the skin to plump things up for your facelift.

The Lowdown
Although Injectables are more well known, Profhilo is becoming the latest go-to rejuvenating injectable for many experts and clients. This treatment can cause fewer complications than injectables: the muscle does not freeze during this treatment while giving long-lasting results and a natural finish, improving skin quality from inside. You can expect to see products up to six months in most cases, while injectables will last 4-6 weeks.

Be Aware
You can opt for numbing cream. The treatment can be a quick procedure but is often described as a pinching sensation that could be more comfortable. Although there is no downtime, which is excellent if you have a busy lifestyle, you will need a few hours to allow some bumps to mellow down while the liquid gets to work within your skin.

What is Morpheus8?
Using a dual combination of radiofrequency alongside micro-needling helps kickstart collagen production.

The Lowdown
This non-injectable, nonpeeling treatment encourages the turnover of skin cells for a facelift. During the treatment, the needles are inserted into the deeper layers of skin to help boost collagen production, targeting the jowls and neck with this solid but subtle treatment. It targets deep into the skin’s layers to promote collagen production, indicating any unwanted deep lines anywhere around your face or neck will begin to fill and fade over time. It also works effectively on other skin conditions.

Be Aware
Depending on the intensity of your treatment, numbing cream can save you from feeling any discomfort from the pins being inserted into the skin. Post treatment, you can expect to look red for a day or two, you must follow aftercare provided by your clinic and avoid makeup to allow the skin to breathe.