The myriad benefits of laser hair removal

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The myriad benefits of laser hair removal

Back when humans first roamed the earth, we’re pretty sure that wondering where their next mammoth meal was coming from was infinitely more pressing than the fact they were covered in hair. As we’ve gotten better at knowing where we can get food (thanks, Mr TESCO) we’ve been able to focus on more frivolous things like shaving, tweezing and waxing every unwanted hair from our bodies. For those looking to make things a little more permanent, there’s also laser hair removal.

Choosing laser hair removal over the temporary methods has many benefits; for starters it’s incredibly precise, with lasers able to target specific hairs without damaging the surrounding skin in the slightest. It’s also suitable for use all over the body – your legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and even face can all be effectively zapped.

Of course, just because something seems like a great idea doesn’t mean you should just go running off to the nearest clinic and book your appointment; laser hair removal is a genuine medical procedure that carries risks and requires specific training to perform. Before you do anything, make sure your chosen technician has all the relevant certifications and, if you can, ask someone who has already been treated at that clinic about their experience. You should also be sure to follow all the pre-treatment advice you’re given (limiting plucking and waxing, etc. for a few weeks beforehand) and be aware that you may need anywhere up to seven sessions before your hair loss is permanent.

During your appointment you should be fitted with appropriate eye protection, cooling gels and any creams you may need to help with the (mild) stinging. It’s so easy! Book in for a consultation and get yourself on the road to being smooth-skinned forever.

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