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The Rise In Laser Tattoo Removal

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Since returning to the clinic from lockdown we have a lot of enquiries from clients that had started the process of getting their tattoos before lockdown. The increase in clients are mainly the ones that have been getting a big piece of art tattooed and it wasn’t finished and therefore half done because of lockdown, and they have ended up not liking it anymore and not completed it. Which is really rare.

Another reason is due to the time we have all spent at home clients are finding that they no longer resonate with their tattoos. This means we are seeing an increase in demand to remove quotes, ex’s names, emotional stories, and large art pieces that are no longer part of the clients taste.

There has also been a number of clients that had a tattoo done over lockdown when they were not actually allowed to or through at-home methods. Any clients that had a new tattoo over this period would have to wait a minimum of three months to start the tattoo removal process as there needs to be enough time for the skin to heal. A large number of clients have returned to us since March and they are now able to start their tattoo removal journeys with us, which is great.

At Pulse Light Clinic we are one of the only two clinics in London using the PicoWay and PicoWay lasers – the most innovative and effective tattoo removal lasers on the market. Pulse Light Clinic has specialised exclusively in laser and light technology since 2001.

Certain tattoo removal methods can leave people with long recovery times and progress, without actually achieving any worthwhile, long-term results. With laser technology, however, this works by firing laser light into the tattoo which breaks the ink into tiny pieces, these little pieces are easy for the body to absorb and allows the ink to be removed from the body itself. Laser tattoo removal is a great alternative to surgical methods and more effective than at-home methods such as creams. The treatment does not require any anesthetic and a numbing cream can be used to help with the pain. Watch the full procedure here.

Some of our recent clients have given us the reasons they are ready to remove their tattoos.

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“Over lockdown I had a lot of time to reflect on my past and current relationships. 5 years ago I had a stick and poke tattoo of my cats name engraved onto my thigh from an ex boyfriend! I still love my cat but I’ve decided it’s time to erase the drunken memories of my past relationship and so glad that tattoo’s do not have to be forever! Maybe I’ll get a cover up.”

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“I’ve always wanted a tattoo and when I decided to get this tattoo on a girls holiday in Portugal for my 21st birthday I rushed into a decision that I do not regret but the design is not quite what I was looking for. I’ve been considering laser tattoo removal for a while but having a darker skin tone I was worried that this would ruin the pigmentation in my skin. I’ve had one session post lockdown and after a few sessions I will decide if I want to remove it completely or get a new design tattooed over it. I can’t wait!”