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The Top 4 Hair Removal Methods

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There is a variety of methods and at-home devices becoming available for hair removal. From hair removal creams to clinical lasers. Hair removal is a personal choice, whether you’re searching for a long-lasting solution or just a quick fix here’s the top treatments.

Hair Removal Methods:


When it comes to wax, many people think of the pain of the hair follicles being ripped out of the skin! If it’s your first time using wax then you could opt for a smaller area that is less sensitive, such as the underarms or lower legs. However, everyone’s pain threshold is different. Waxing is suitable for all body areas and it’s important to carry this out with a trained professional to ensure your skin is not damaged.

If you’re after continual treatments you would look to see hair regrowth after 4 weeks for your next treatment. You must grow your hair enough to allow the wax to grip the hair and pull it out. After your waxing treatment, there are aftercare instructions that should be provided by your beautician to ensure there is no reaction.

Depilatory Cream

Hair removal creams can be messy at times, however, they are cheap and a quick hair removal method. In most cases, the creams can be used on all body areas and can be a great option for those hard-to-reach areas without getting any razor cuts. It is important to read the labels on the product to ensure you have no reaction on the skin. Cream dissolves the hair from the surface of the skin so it would be expected that hair will grow back in 2-3 days. This method can leave the skin feeling silky smooth in a matter of a few minutes.


Shaving is one of the most popular, as it is affordable, simple, and quick to reach for. If you’re constantly on the go you will be taking a razor with you. Razors can be used on all body areas but they must be used with attention and accuracy. Intimate areas can be harder to reach as you would need to pull the skin for a precise shave. Shaving is not a permanent or long-term hair removal method and you can anticipate the hair to grow back within a day or so. 

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most advanced treatment that is soaring in popularity over the last few years. Laser allows you to have long-lasting results without less time required for shaving or regular maintenance appointments. Advanced in-clinic laser hair removal using the Gentle Max Pro by Syneron Candela is suitable for all skin types and body areas and must be carried out by a qualified professional. 

Some older laser technology and at-home devices aren’t suitable for all skin types so be sure to do your research before starting any treatments and ensure you have a consultation and patch test before commencing. On average after 8 laser hair removal treatments clients can notice up to 80% reduction.