The world’s most tattooed people

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The world’s most tattooed people:

These days a lot of people have tattoos. Some have more than one, or 10, or 20, or perhaps even more than that. Not many people go as far as this lot, though…

Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite

Formerly known as Matthew Whelan, ILKBATEII is Britain’s most tattooed man and has the words ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ tattooed on the back of his head.

Jester Mayhone

Another aficionado who changed his name to match his ink, this human hester also has implants under the skin of his scalp to create a jester crown to go with his patchwork body art. He also wants his ears shaped to look more clown-like, although we can’t be sure precisely what that involves.

Lucky Diamond Rich

The official World’s Most Tattooed Person has spent over 1,000 hours of his life in the tattoo chair and has covered literally his entire body in ink including his eyelids, the skin between his toes, the insides of his ears and even his gums!

The Illustrated Lady

Julia Gnuse, the official World’s Most Tattooed Woman, was born with a nasty skin condition that left her covered in nasty blisters and scars. She started inking to cover the scars and ended up a world record holder.

The Leopard Man

Now 78, Tom Leppard was the most-tattooed man in the world before Lucky Diamond Rich came along. With his entire body covered in inked leopard spots, Tom retired from society years back and lives a reclusive lifestyle on the Isle of Skye.

Zombie Boy

Zombie Boy Rob Gnest has a skeleton tattooed over his whole body; his ink made him famous when Lady Gaga came calling for him to appear in her Born This Way music vid.

The Lizard Man

Eric Sprague is one of the original and still most famous extreme body modifiers, turning his entire body into lizard scales and being one of the first to attempt a bifurcated tongue all the way back in 1972.