A Few Things to know about Tattoo Removal


  • Size doesn’t matter!

The size of the tattoo to be removed is not a factor in how long it will take to be removed. In fact, what does matter is the colours used and how deep the ink is. All size changes is how long the individual session takes, a small tattoo could be a matter of minutes as opposed to a large one taking possibly up to an hour.

  • It’s not that painful!

If you are avoiding tattoo removal because of the pain involved, then you should think again. It is generally considered less painful than getting a tattoo, feeling similar to having an elastic band pinged against your skin, and cooling air and other techniques can be used to bring any pain down even further.

  • It doesn’t have to take long!

The laser industry is constantly evolving and with current techniques as advanced as they are some tattoos can be gone in as little as four treatments.

  • Be realistic!

It is important to think it fully through when you decide to get a tattoo removed. There are requirements for your skin beforehand, for looking after the treated area, multiple treatments spaced out over time and possible short term side effects, including hyperpigmentation. If you go into it knowing what to expect then you won’t be disappointed!

  • Only use a reputable clinic!

Just like in getting a tattoo, you are going to get what you pay for. High end clinics have the most advanced lasers possible, and will have all technicians highly trained to give you the best possible service. Without that, your treatment can drag out, be unsuccessful or even have negative side effects.

Good luck to all of you thinking about getting a tattoo removed, and for more information about us here at Pulse Light Clinic