Thread Vein Removal Treatments

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Thread Vein Removal Treatments

There are several ways, both invasive and non-invasive, to treat thread veins. You can apply certain topical creams, massage in essential oils to increase circulation or – if your thread veins are on your face – use beauty products that contain aloe vera or Vitamin K.

On the invasive treatment side, for thread veins that are situated deep in the leg sclerotherapy may be required. This treatment involves a tiny needle being used to inject sodium chloride solution directly into the vein, which irritates the affected vein and causes it to become enlarged and blocked. This in turn stops blood travelling through the vein and causes it to shrivel away and die.

Sclerotherapy can cause more thread veins to appear near the area and can have a rare side effect called superficial thrombophlebitis, an inflammatory condition of the veins due to a blood clot just below the surface of the skin, to occur. It can also cause a dark area to appear, somewhat like a bruise, but this usually fades naturally over time.

Laser removal treatment

At Pulse Light we offer laser removal treatment for thread veins, in which laser light energy targets the pigment and tightens the skin. Treatments usually take less than 20 minutes (sometimes longer depending on the size of the area to be treated), Our mixed modality laser is infinitely more effective than other laser methods.

You should see results within 3 treatment sessions, depending on how severe the problem is – if the thread vein is only mild, you may see it disappear right before your eyes!

Laser thread vein removal occasionally has side effects, including temporary swelling or discolouration of the skin in the affected area. In every rare cases burning may occur, but we’ll assess your skin at your initial consultation and assess how likely this is to happen before going ahead.

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