Male and Female with Double Chin

How To Eliminate A Double Chin Excess Fat

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Seeing a double chin in the mirror can often lead to thoughts of how to achieve that strong jawline. The layer of fat around the neck sags and the reason we get a double chin could be due to many factors. Many clients may see that they have it in their genes which highlight they have a family history of skin with little elasticity. This can also be due to looser skin resulting from ageing. A diet high in calories and unhealthy foods can also increase your chance of developing a double chin as the excess fat creates areas to store.

Various diets and fat reduction methods can often leave clients without achieving any long term results. With a range of new technology and DIY-home gadgets on the market our in-house Dr, Dianni has given a breakdown of the most effective in-clinic treatments for excess fat that you can opt for.

CoolSculpting Treatment for Excess Fat

The CoolSculpting technology is used by freezing the fat through the Cryolipolysis method and it is disposed through the body’s digestive process. During the treatment the hand-piece is placed over the area and set to cool for 35 minutes.

Results optimal from 6-12 weeks.
Downtime minimal swelling and numbness.
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Aqualyx Treatment for Excess Fat

Aqualyx is a fat-dissolving injection treatment performed by our in-house doctor. The procedure involves injecting deoxycholic solution into the fat deposits to decrease the fatty tissue in 15 minutes.

Results optimal from 8 weeks.
Downtime swelling up to 7 days.
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