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Valentines Treatment Gift Guide

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With lockdown still in place for London at least until February 15th, Valentine’s day is going to look a little unconventional for many this year. The team at Pulse Light Clinic thought they would round up something a little different to show some appreciation for your loved one or to treat yourself. If you’re not a roses and box of chocolates person and would rather just get naked on Valentine’s Day, here’s what we suggest.


Is your partner constantly shaving or booking in wax appointment?

Whether their waxing or shaving, one thing is for certain—the results are only temporary. In fact, these outdated hair removal methods often leave us with irritated skin and take up a lot of time! You don’t have to keep settling for your razor or give up and be hairy. With laser hair removal, you can have the smooth, hair-free—and maintenance-free—skin you’ve always wanted all year long, no endless shaving or painful waxing necessary!

Laser hair removal is safe and effective for men and women of every skin type. That’s right gentlemen, men’s laser hair removal is only growing in popularity these days, so you don’t have to keep fighting that unwanted back or chest hair. Or really any unwanted body hair, for that matter.

The Basic Package
8 laser hair removal treatments for the full bikini and underarms.

The Full Monty Package
8 laser hair removal treatments for the full body including face (and toes and fingers).

For The Men Package
8 laser hair removal treatments for full chest and abdomen.


Don’t want to bring up that tattoo regret during a family event?

Don’t let memories of your ex sabotage your relationship. When a tattoo is done, the ink is penetrated into the dermis which is the layer underneath the surface skin (the epidermis) and therefore tattoo removal creams are not an effective way to get rid of a tattoo. Don’t let tattoo removal be a last minute option to attend a family wedding, as it may bring more attention to your ex’s name. Instead opt for laser tattoo removal with one of the only clinics in the UK to have leading technology, Picoway and Picosure.

No Ex Package
8 treatments for tattoo name less than 8cm.