How to Wake up Fresh-Faced and Beautiful


With our modern day hectic lifestyles there is often no time to do more than read the new and interesting beauty tips let alone put them into practice. Then you have, I expect, heard of this thing called ‘beauty sleep’ but it probably doesn’t much feel like it if you are waking up tired, hair all over the place and with bags under your eyes.

So why not combine it! I’ve got some tips for you that work overnight, meaning the work is happening while you sleep! No more puffy bags under your eyes, dry skin and chapped lips for you, with these tips you can wake up looking fresh and beautiful and hopefully feeling too!


It all starts with getting enough sleep. Your body does a lot of vital functions while you sleep making the most of the energy you are not using. If you are not getting sufficient rest then your body doesn’t get the time that it needs for those actions. On top of that, sleep is vital for you, and your energy levels. If you are consistently getting under seven hours sleep you will not be able to operate at an optimum level. So get to bed on time and get yourself some beauty sleep!


If you find yourself waking up with puffy bags under your eyes then that is certainly not a fresh-faced feeling! Those bags don’t feel nice or look nice.  You may have heard advice like ‘sleep on your back with two pillows and it will help fluids to drain and reduce puffiness’. If you have ever tried this you have probably woken up sprawled in your normal position with the other pillow on the floor and those bags under your eyes showing. So try this different tip: apply sweet almond oil under your eyes before you go to bed. The oil is very nourishing and can help treat this delicate area of your skin.


Every so often it really helps your skin to do a deep cleanse, so one night a week after removing your make-up why not fully exfoliate your face. Once that is done apply a good moisturiser. Then for the final touch rub in a small amount of vitamin E oil. If you do apply night cream then do the vitamin e oil first. You will wake up with a fresh moisturised face!


If you want to wake up with kissable lips then use a lip scrub before heading to bed and then a good lip balm or for a more natural alternative try an oil such as almond, coconut or olive oil to replace the lip balm. You will find that chapped lips become a thing of the past.


If you want to wake up with a shiny smile then why not try whitening your teeth. Before you go to bed brush your teeth as normal but then dip your toothbrush into baking powder and then brush your teeth again, leave the powder on for about five minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
Warning: Do not do this more than once a week as it could damage your teeth.

Eyelashes & Eyebrows

It may not be the first thing you think of when you think morning beauty but having gorgeous long eyelashes and cared for eyebrows can really change how your face looks. Just apply castor oil before you go to bed from root to tip and the omega-3 it contains will help prevent breakage and keep those lashes moisturised. Try using Q-tips to help you apply it.


Give those beauty tips a go and I am sure you will find yourself waking u fresher looking every day and hopefully feeling it too!